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Using the Center

Can I get my paper proofread?

Our staff will work with you on your writing, but we cannot do the work for you. We know the conventions of effective writing, revising, and proofreading, and we will help you better understand those conventions. We will ask you questions to help you think through whatever you need to write in order to meet your instructor’s criteria and whatever you want to write in order to express yourself according to the conventions of effective writing. We can show you proofreading techniques to identify mistakes, and we may make suggestions for revision.

How can I use the center effectively?

Please call us (985.448.4100) during weekday consultation hours to make an appointment so that you can be guaranteed at least 30 minutes with a consultant. If you are sure that a 30-minute consultation will not be enough, you may request a longer time period. We do not set appointments of more than one hour.

Students wishing to make scheduled weekly appointments may do so. We suggest no more than twice weekly and allow no more than three weekly. Such scheduled consultations will be with the same tutor whenever possible, and the tutor and student will work together to determine a plan for the semester.

We do take “walk-ins.” However, the Center gives priority to the students who have made appointments.  As a walk-in, you may not get a consultation because of time constraints, but you may be able to ask a quick question or make an appointment for a later time.

If you realize that you will not be able to keep an appointment, please call us. Other students will appreciate the slot that you release.

You may come for our help at any time during the writing process.

Other important considerations:

  • Come prepared to talk to us about the assignment and what you want to do with the assignment. Know your due date!
  • Bring your class notes.
  • If you have a rough draft, please note that we will ask you to read aloud. Reading aloud is an effective proofreading technique. The tutors can read to you if that is necessary.
  • If your instructor has required that you revise something that has already been graded, please do your best to revise according to his or her instructions before coming to us.
  • If you need proofreading help, please try to proofread and make revisions before coming to us.
  • If your instructor recommends that you come to see us, please let your consultant know.
  • Keep in mind that your instructor is the final authority on the criteria for the assignment. You may sometimes need to go back to him or her to ask for clarification.
  • Revising is an integral part of writing.  Therefore, give yourself enough time before your paper is due to make more than one appointment for every writing assignment that you receive. By doing this, you will have an opportunity to use our suggestions and to come a second and maybe even a third time for more revision techniques if you need them.
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