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Study Skills

APA Citations: Everything You Want to Know About What You Don’t Want to Know

MLA Format Guide: Quick, picker-upper review!

Links to Internet sites

General Writing Concerns

  • Purdue University — Addresses planning/starting to write, effective writing, revising/editing/proofreading and types/genres of writing.

Writing Process, Grammar and Punctuation

  • Purdue University — This is just about the best writing-related link. This link addresses punctuation, capitals, spelling, sentence construction and parts of speech.

Avoiding Plagiarism

  • Purdue University — An information site that clearly explains what academic plagiarism involves. This site would make an excellent handout. (Remember to keep the copyright information attached.)


  • Purdue University — “Research Papers” gives links to related sites for documenting information obtained via an electronic medium. It includes information on MLA, APA and disciple-specific formats. Also included is information on outlining, paraphrasing, plagiarism, quoting and summarizing.
  • Modern Language Association — Style page that is a “straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth” way to find out the MLA format for citing Internet sources.


  • Ellender Library — Ellender is the main library on the Nicholls campus. This link takes you to the page used for library research.
  • Library of Congress — Rich site for any research endeavor. The sheer volume of information makes this a great site to visit regularly.

Business Writing

ESL Student Concerns

  • Purdue University’s ESL Page — Contains information on grammar, idioms, vocabulary and academic conventions and offers discussion list information.

Faculty Resources



Standardized Test Preparation

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