Ecole de Management de Normandie

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Le Havre, France or Caen, France

Terms available: Fall, Spring, Full year

Open to juniors, seniors with a College of Business major.


The universityem 3

Founded in 1871 in Le Havre, EM Normandie is one of the oldest business schools in France. Located in Normand, northwest of France and in the heart of the English Channel economic area, the two campuses of Le Havre and Caen welcome about 2,600 French students and more than 400 international students from their 150 partner universities.

Visit EM Normandie’s website for more information.


em 2International students can follow one of EM Normandie’s undergraduate programs:

– Bachelor in European Business (Taught in English)
– Bachelor in  European Management (Taught in French)
– Bachelor in Marketing and International Business (Taught in English)
– Bachelor in Planner of International Logistic Services (Taught in French)
– Grande Ecole Programme (Taught in French)

For information about the class offerings, refer to the International Programs Guide.

The campus

em 1The two campuses of EM Normandie are located in the centers of Caen and Le Havre and each include a library, a media center, computer rooms, sports facilities and student organization offices.

Both campuses are located two hours from Paris. Le Havre is located on the sea side, and Caen is located minutes away from the Normandy beaches.


EM Normandie has partnerships with student residences in Caen and Le Havre. The international relations office helps students find accommodations.

To apply

1. Complete a Study Abroad application form.
2. Meet with your academic adviser to get approval for the study abroad exchange program.
3. Turn in the application at International Student Services in the office Student Union 18 (student life).
4. Apply for a French student visa.

French student visa process

Please visit to learn how to obtain a French student visa.