Faculty-Led Programs

Nicholls State University offers several short-term international study opportunities organized and leb by faculty members. Please contact individual colleges for more information on specialized study abroad programs or meet with your faculty adviser.

College Of Arts and Sciences

Nicholls Study Abroad

nicholls study abroad1

Jean Donegan, Department Head

221 Talbot Hall
Phone: 985.448.4597
Fax: 985.448.4596

The Nicholls Department of Art conducts its annual European Study Abroad summer program in a different area of Europe each June. College students of all majors, high school juniors and seniors, and interested community members are eligible to participate. Each trip concentrates on the art, culture and history of one to three European countries. Up to six hours of credit may be earned in various courses by undergraduate and graduate students as well as high school juniors and seniors.

Nicholls Europe

nicholls europe1James Barnidge, Director

238 Peltier Hall
Phone: 985.448.4460

Kathy Dugas

238 Peltier Hall
Phone: 985.448.4460

Nicholls Europe, Louisiana’s second-oldest international study program, provides students and community members an opportunity to travel and study in England, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Czech Republic. The 17-day program, held each June, offers an up-close and personal study of art, drama, architecture, government and history. Students of all majors may earn undergraduate or graduate credit in history, humanities and art courses.

World War II Study Program

ww2Dr. Paul Wilson, Department Head
207 Peltier Hall
Phone: 985.448.4463

The Nicholls Department of History has partnered with the National World War II Museum to immerse students in the experience that soldiers had during the D-day invasion. After two days spent at the New Orleans museum, students will enjoy a unique-six-day experience in Normandy, France. Meeting locals and visiting private castles are also included in the journey. Participants are eligible to receive three hours of university credit and will leave with a deeper understanding of the Normandy invasion and World War II.

Languages and Literature Study Abroad Program

Dr. Robin White, Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature
256-B Peltier Hall
Phone: 985.448.4854

The Department of Languages and Literature offers a study abroad/overseas travel opportunity through our proposed “Theater and Literature in London” program. This program is designed to introduce students to international travel, English culture, Intercultural communications, and British Theater and Literature. The intended outcome of the program is to strengthen students’ travel experiences and cultural exposure within our student body in order to prepare those same students for the increasingly globalized needs of not only our region, but beyond.

The program design includes a one week stay in London, with day trips to Oxford and Stratford, experiencing London theater and designated authors’ homes. Students may earn up to 9 credits in English and Humanites, studying with two Nicholls’ Languages and Literature professors. Two meals per day, transportation, and lodging are to be provided by Education First Tours.

For more information please visit: http://www.efcollegestudytours.com/professors-trip/1815666YS

College Of Business Administration

Costa Rica Summer Program

costaricaDr. Mike Chiasson, Department Head
151 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.448.4173

Through the College of Business Administration, students can experience globalization first-hand during the Study Abroad in Costa Rica program held each May. Participants spend 10 days interacting with local business professionals, enjoying the local culture and earning up to six hours of credit. The group tours several American and Costa Rican companies and gains an increased awareness of cultural differences in business. The program is open to students who are 21 years or older, meet course prerequisites and are enrolled for the summer session.

China Summer Program

China 3Dr. En Mao, Associate Professsor
132 Powell Hall
Phone: 985.449.7024

The College of Business Administration’s study abroad program in China offers first-hand experience in one of the most exciting countries in the world. As the world’s second-largest economy, one of the fastest-growing superpowers, the fastest-growing telecommunications market and United States’ largest trading partner, China is a unique learning opportunity for business students. The country is also rich in history, culture, culinary adventures and entertainment. The understanding and experience in China will enable business students to compete more effectively in today’s global economy.

Be prepared to be amazed by our trip to China’s largest cities in 10 days. Students will tour multinational corporations, visit the Great Wall, taste authentic Chinese food and shop at the Silk Alley, among many other activities.

University Honors Program

Honors Abroad – England

honor program englandDr. John Doucet, Dean

111 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4721

Honors Abroad – England, held between each spring semester and summer session, allows students to experience cultural immersion by living on the University of Plymouth campus. Participants visit historical sites such as London, Bath, Stonehenge, the British Museum, Tintagel and the Globe Theater. Students earn six hours of credit in Humanities 381. The program is open to members of the University Honors Program at Nicholls who are in good standing, who are committed to completing the Honors Program and who meet specific academic criteria.

Honors Abroad – Costa Rica

honor program costa ricaDr. John Doucet, Dean

111 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4721

Honors Abroad – Costa Rica, held between fall and spring semesters, allows students to experience the natural history and culture of one of the world’s most environmentally diverse regions. Participants visit the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, volcanic plains, rain forests and cultural institutions. Students earn six hours of credit in Humanities 481. The program is open to members of the University Honors Program at Nicholls who are in good standing, who are committed to completing the Honors Program and who meet specific academic criteria.

Chef John Folse Culinary Institute

Institut Paul Bocuse

John Kozar, Department Head

103 Ledet Hall
Phone: 985-493-2711

Senior-level students who excel in both culinary skills and academics are selected to participate in a four-month training session in cuisine, restaurant management and wine selection at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. During the summer program, students explore a variety of traditional and modern French cooking techniques. They will earn three hours of externship credit and may complete additional assignments to earn another three hours of credit in Regional French Cuisine.

Culinary Study Abroad Opportunities

culinary pictureJohn Kozar, Department Head

103 Ledet Hall
Phone: 985-493-2711

The Chef John Folse Culinary Institute offers various opportunities for sophomores and seniors to pursue externships abroad. Past experiences have included study in France, Italy and Costa Rica. Culinary students interested in completing their externships abroad should speak with their academic adviser.