First-Time Suspension Appeals – Academic Services

Students with less than 30 earned hours must appeal their academic suspension to Academic Services.

Deadline for submitting academic appeals for Fall 2019 is Monday, August 12, 2019.

The following steps should be taken to complete the appeal process:

  1. Gather supporting documentation as it applies to your situation.  This documentation should support the reasons you are appealing your suspension.  You can see a list of acceptable documentation by clicking here.
  2. Complete the Undergraduate Appeal for Waiver of First-Time Suspension form.  You may access the form by clicking here.  Please be sure to submit the form when you have answered all questions.
  3. Send all documentation via e-mail to

Tips for completing your academic suspension appeal:

  • It is a good idea to read through the appeal form before you start to answer the questions.  This will help you outline your responses and answer each question completely.
  • It is in your best interest to send documentation along with your appeal submission.  You should also reference this documentation when you complete the form.  This will help the committee  reviewing your appeal to understand your situations completely.
  • Before submitting your appeal form, please proofread carefully to be sure you have answered each question thoroughly.
  • Please provide as many details as possible about the situations that affected your appeal and reference your documentation for dates and other information.  You do not need to provide information of a deeply personal nature; just provide enough information to support your answers.
  • You are expected to answer questions about how you plan to improve your academic performance in future semesters. Describe any steps you have taken and plan to take to help raise your grades.  (give specific examples like: tutoring, counseling, reducing hours carried, etc.).  Your plans for improving future performance should, at minimum, address some of the difficulties you have experienced in the past.  (Example: going to counseling for assistance with grief following a death in the family or traumatic event).

Notification of appeal decision and follow-up:

  • When a decision on your appeal has been reached, Academic Services will contact you via your preferred contact method indicated on your appeal form.
  • If your appeal is approved, it will be approved with conditions.  It is a requirement that students follow the conditions of their appeal approval.
    • Examples of conditions include enrolling in UNIV 100 Strategies for College Success, participating in tutoring, attending advising meetings, decreasing enrolled hours, decreasing weekly work hours, etc.
  • If your appeal is denied, it will be reviewed a second time by the University Academic Appeals Committee.  After that committee meets, you will be notified of the appeal decision.
    • If the University Academic Appeals Committee upholds the denial decision your schedule for the next semester will be cancelled as well as any housing and food service arrangements.

Suspension from the university for academic standing usually goes hand-in-hand with financial aid suspension.  Please review your financial aid status on Banner or contact the financial aid office to find out if you must submit an appeal for financial aid as well.