Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Suspension

Frequently asked questions regarding suspension:

Can a student who has been suspended from one university attend another university?
An undergraduate student suspended from a University of Louisiana System institution may not enroll in another university within the System, but may enroll in a community college. To ensure minimal or no loss of credits upon return to the university, it is recommended that the student consult with his/her university advisor regarding the choice of courses to be taken at the community college. Credits earned under these conditions may be accepted for a degree at Nicholls State University provided grades of “C” or higher are earned in each of the courses to be transferred. If the grade earned is lower than a “C” in any course, that course will not transfer to Nicholls State University as credit toward the student’s degree, but the grade will be averaged into the cumulative GPA. For any clarification of these conditions, the student may see his/her dean or department head.

What must be included in the appeal packet?
You must submit a completed academic appeal form online through the suspension website.  You should also consider sending documentation to support your appeal.  The e-mail address you should use is in the online appeal form.  You are responsible for obtaining this documentation and including it with your appeal packet.

Where should I send this appeal packet?
Your appeal form is completed entirely online, you do not need to send any paperwork in.

What will happen once this appeal packet is received by the Office of Academic Affairs?
Academic Affairs will forward your appeal to the Academic Policies and Standards Committee. The recommendation of the Committee will be forwarded to the office of the Provost for review. You will then be contacted by Academic Affairs with the final decision.

Will my Financial Aid be affected by this appeal?
Approval or non-approval of your academic appeal for a waiver of suspension has no direct bearing on your financial aid status. Be sure to appeal separately to Financial Aid if you receive a letter from that office.

What should I do if my appeal is denied or I decide not to appeal the suspension?
If you do not appeal or your appeal is denied, you must remain out of the University for one calendar year and reapply to the Office of Admissions. Admission applications may be obtained from the Office of Admissions in the Otto B. Candies Hall, online at, or by calling (985) 448-4507.