Vicki Romero Briggs

Accounting, 1977

Vicki Romero Briggs took a nontraditional approach to applying her accounting degree she entered the healthcare management industry.

Briggs is now the CEO of Longview Regional Medical Center in Longview, Texas, a 166-bed facility with an all-encompassing medical staff. She is also serving a two-year term as chair of the board of the National Perinatal Information Center. This nonprofit organization performs research on the cost, management and outcome of perinatal services; evaluates programs; analyzes major policy issues; and provides comparative reports to member hospitals.

Prior to joining Longview, Briggs served as CEO at Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, where more than 8,000 babies are delivered each year, making it the 16th largest delivery facility in the nation. Briggs is also the co-founder of the Council of Women’s and Infants’ Hospitals, which consists of 10 hospitals with more than 100,000 births each year.

β€œIn my almost 30-year career in healthcare, I have always been proud to say that I graduated from Nicholls,” Briggs says. β€œI stood toe-to-toe with people from top-rated universities around the country and have always been respected. I have enjoyed my continued association with Nicholls over the years and consider it a great honor to have been the commencement speaker for the university’s 50th Anniversary graduating class.”