Accounting and Finance Club

The Accounting and Finance Club is organized to help students develop leadership abilities and gain an appreciation of the accounting and finance fields. The organization also provides relevant information to other students interested in accounting/finance careers and arranges meetings with professionals to aid in the understanding of the “real world.”

Membership in the Accounting and Fiance Club is open to all students.

There is no cost for membership.

The Accounting and Finance Club will hold general meetings on Thursdays, towards the end of the month.  The club is student driven and combines activities that are academic and social in nature.  Some of the activities include general meetings, committee meetings (left to the discretion of the head of the committee), community service projects, fundraisers, and an end-of-the-semester social.

OFFICERS for 2019:

President – Dakota Scurlock
Vice President – Aarati Pant
Treasurer – Brianna Millet
Secretary – Linda Leitz
Purchaser – Jenna Pellegrin

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Yu Zhang (985-448-4984,, 130 Powell).

Additional information can be obtained from the Department of Accounting and Finance in 133 Powell Hall or at (985) 448-4176. To become a member of the Accounting and Finance Club, download the:     Accounting & Finance Club Application 2019

“You can make a real difference and help our work by donating to the club. Make an online donation via the link: