Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Admissions is to recruit, admit, and serve an eligible, diverse student population regionally, nationally, and internationally. It embraces the University’s commitment to attain the quality of students who are able to matriculate and graduate. The Office of Admissions also maintains the integrity of the admissions process; thus ensuring efficient and systematic evaluation of credentials. Through multiple recruitment strategies, the Office of Admissions works to ensure that eligible students have access to higher education.


  1. Advance the University’s retention efforts by recruiting students who are an institutional fit.
  2. To evaluate data processing and procedures to ensure that information and services are available in a timely, accurate fashion.
  3. To recruit qualified students and their parents through effective recruitment and marketing strategies by communication through electronic means, telecommunications, campus-based programs, and off-campus recruiting event.
  4. To increase the quality and quantity of students in the enrollment mix for all relevant subpopulations.
  5. To enhance the operational effectiveness of the Office of Admissions & Orientation
  6. To use best professional practices to deliver a quality Orientation Program to both parents and students through multiple formats.
  7. To host or participate in events on campus to promote student learning about the college enrollment experience.

Vision Statement

That the Nicholls State University Office of Admissions becomes a leader in the promotion of best professional practices and services to students.