Rules and Regulations for Cross Enrollment

Under this agreement, the student is eligible to take one academic course at the host institution per academic course at the home institution with a maximum of 6 credit hours at the host institution.

A student enrolling under this agreement must apply for admission, schedule classes, and pay tuition and fees at the home institution. Financial aid is only available at the home institution.

The student must pay applicable fees at the host institution. The student is responsible for contacting the host institution for the amount of fees due and the date these fees are due. If the student does not contact the host institution to obtain this information, late fees may be incurred.

The student must submit required documents as requested by both institutions. (For example, student must have an official transcript sent to the host institution at the end of each semester of cross enrollment.

The student must follow the academic policies, procedures, and calendars of both institutions. The student is responsible for becoming familiar with each institution’s information.

The parking decal and student ID of the home institution will be honored by the host institution. Student doe not need to purchase a parking decal or obtain a student ID from the host institution. If student encounters difficulties with parking at the host institution, he/she should contact the host institution’s contact person.

If a student wishes to resign, he/she must resign at both institutions. Resigning at the home institution does not mean the student has resigned at the host institution and vice versa.

The student is responsible for checking the email address provided for communication from the institutions. If the student’s email address changes, he/she must contact each institution to provide the new email address.

By completing the online Application for Cross Enrollment, I hereby agree to these rules and regulations.

Cross Enrollment Contact Persons:

Fletcher Technical Community College
Lisa Hidalgo, Registrar
985-857-3659, Ext. 254

Robin Andrews, Admissions, Transfer