Can I apply online? Or can I get the application form by FAX if applying online is not possible?
Applying online is strongly recommended. It is fast, easy and directly processed by our office. Send us your application as soon as possible to start the Admissions process. You must submit the application fee or your application will NOT be processed.  Note that if you choose NOT to apply online, your academic program must be listed on www.nicholls.edu/programs.  Our academic offerings change and you cannot enroll in a program that has been closed.

What is the Deadline date to apply for the Admission?
Deadline for Spring: November 15th
Deadline for Summer: February 15th
Deadline for Fall: June 15th

Do I need to take the ACT?
Yes. ACT or SAT scores are required for admission to the university in order to determine placement.

Will I miss everything because of a late TOEFL?
Official TOEFL scores are a requirement for Admission. We cannot issue an I-20 without a TOEFL or IELTS score. The Office of Admissions only accepts official TOEFL scores sent directly by ETS. Photocopies and faxes are not considered. Please request that your scores be sent directly to Nicholls State University. Our institution code is 6221.

Do you by any chance have your own diagnostic English-test at Nicholls State?
The Office of Admissions evaluates International students’ English proficiency based on the TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Can you waive the TOEFL/IELTS?
The TOEFL requirement may be waived for students from native English-speaking countries, such as England, Australia, etc.

Financial questions
What amount do I have to certify on the Affidavit of Support, in order to get the I-20 form?

To get your I-20 form (the form necessary to get your F-1 student visa) you must show that you (or your sponsor) has at least $28,800 available for your first year of study. This amount includes tuition, fees, books, supplies and personal expenses.

Is it ok if I fax a copy of the financial statement and Affidavit of Support before I send them by mail? Do you want the original ones?

The Office of Admissions requires the original Affidavit of Support signed by the applicant and his/her sponsor and an original financial statement from a bank. The financial institution may either sign and stamp the bottom portion of the Affidavit of Support or provide adequate verification of funds in a letter on the institution’s letterhead.

What are the total estimated living expenses for an International Student?
The tuition per semester for a full time student (without an assistantship, 12 or more hours) is available online at www.nicholls.edu/fees.  Books and supplies range from $200-$400 per semester. On-campus housing and food is also available online at www.nicholls.edu/fees. With other living expenses (personal, transportation and phone), you can expect to pay about $28,800 for one year.

How can I get a student employment or graduate assistantship?
Upon arrival, undergraduate students may apply for on-campus employment and graduate students may apply for graduate assistantships. Please note that these positions are limited in availability and not guaranteed. Students are encouraged to apply for student employment or graduate assistantships as soon as possible during their first semester of study.

Is there financial aid available for international students?
As an international student you are required to provide an Affidavit of Support and financial statement, which states your ability to finance your first year tuition and expenses. In most cases U.S. government funded financial aid is not available to international students. Your finances must be arranged before you begin your studies in the U.S.

Scholarships are announced to the general student body during the second week of each semester. International students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships if they meet the criteria. We also encourage that you seek out scholarship opportunities in your home country before coming to the U.S.

Do I have to make my request to housing center immediately, and do I have to send the $200 check with the housing application form?
Applicants who wish to live on campus need to send $250 payment with the housing application form as soon as possible to the Office of Admissions. We will forward the documents and application fee to Residential Services on campus. This will guarantee that a room is reserved for you. The housing deposit less the $50 housing application fee will be refunded to you if you do not come to Nicholls.