Scholarship Information

In order for a first-time freshman to apply for the academic scholarship, please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit your ACT/SAT scores.
  2. Apply for admission at
  3. Must be admitted by January 5th.

If you live in the state of Louisiana, your high school transcript will be automatically downloaded from the Louisiana Board of Regents Student Transcript System (STS) once you have applied.  If you live out of state, please contact your guidance office and request they send us your official high school transcript.

Please note that our academic scholarships begin at an ACT score of a 24, and all scholarships require a minimum high school GPA of a 3.0.

All scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, using a scholarship formula to provide a scholarship ranking. Based on funding, scholarships are then awarded depending on the formula value derived from a student’s scholarship folder.

Students with a composite score of 30 or higher on the ACT with a minimum 3.0 high school gpa (as reported by STS) are automatically awarded the President’s Scholarship.

For more information, please contact us via email or toll free at 1-877-NICHOLLS.

This process is for first-time university applicants only.

Listing of Freshman Scholarships