Which Tests to Take?

Although you are allowed to test for any course credits you feel capable of earning, not all credits may be applicable to the degree. You should consider reviewing the requirements for your major.  Degree programs list specific requirements; for example, government majors are required to take HIST 256.  If you are a government major and you earn credit for HIST 256 through testing, the course credits will apply to your degree program. Degree programs may also list non-specific course requirements; for example, many programs require a non-specific social science elective, so any course considered a social science will meet that requirement.  The table below shows a list of courses in which credit may be earned and the type of each course. Please note that BIOL 105 is designed for non-science majors. Students majoring in biology and its associated curriculum (pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, etc.) are required to take BIOL 155.  Credit for BIOL 155 cannot be earned through advanced credit testing.  If you have questions as to whether a particular course listed below will apply towards your intended major, please contact Elaine Benoit at 985-448-4462.

Except for the calculus exam, all tests are in a multiple choice format.


Possible Credit

Type of Course

Basic Biology I – Principles of Biology (for non-science majors; ACT science subscore of 23 or higher)

BIOL 105

Natural Science

Chemistry (ACT mathematics subscore of 23 or higher)

CHEM 101 or CHEM 105

Natural Science

Elementary French

FREN 101 or FREN 101, 102


Physical Geography

GEOG 103

Social Science

World Regional Geography

GEOG 104

Social Science

American National Government

GOVT 101

Social Science

State and Local Government

GOVT 252

Social Science

History of Western Civilization (ancient world to the mid-seventeenth century)

HIST 101


History of Western Civilization (mid-seventeenth century to the present)

HIST 102


World History (ancient world to 1500)

HIST 150


World History (1500 to the present)

HIST 151


American History (earliest times to 1876)

HIST 255


American History (1876 to the present)

HIST 256


Trigonometry (ACT mathematics subscore of 23-26)

MATH 102


Calculus I (ACT mathematics subscore of 27 or higher)

MATH 165


Introductory Sociology

SOCI 151

Social Science

Elementary Spanish

SPAN 101 or SPAN 101, 102