Terrebonne General Medical Center Endowed Chair for Nursing and Allied Health in the College of Life Sciences and Technology

September 15, 1998


THIBODAUX – Representatives from the Louisiana Board of Regents presented $800,000 in matching funds to Nicholls State University from the Board’s Support Fund to help create two new endowed chairs for eminent scholars on Monday. The funds completed the funding process for the Bollinger Family Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship and the Terrebonne General Medical Center Endowed Chair in Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.

“You have confidence in this university and we want to think of it as your university,” Dr. Donald J. Ayo, university president, said to the donors in welcoming them to the ceremony held on the Nicholls campus. State legislators, representatives from the Board of Regents and members of Nicholls administration attended the ceremony.

The Bollinger family of Lockport established the Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship with donations from three generations of Bollingers. Each is a leader in the shipyard and marine service industries based in Lockport. Donors include Donald G. Bollinger, George A. Bollinger, Richard N. “Dick” Bollinger, Donald T. “Boysie” Bollinger, Charlotte Bollinger, Andrea “Andie” Bollinger Suard and Christopher Bollinger.

“We as a family are just proud to be part of the celebration,” Donald T. “Boysie” Bollinger said. He added that the family business, Bollinger Shipyards Inc., has grown with Nicholls State University and stressed the economic impact the university has on the area. The $600,000 donation from the family was completed in March 1998, and the Board of Regents made the endowed chair complete by matching the remaining $400,000.

Dr. Alex Smith, executive director of Terrebonne General Medical Center, participated in the ceremony for the Endowed Chair in Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, which TGMC helped to establish. “We can’t think of a better investment to make than to Nicholls State University. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with bigger and better things to come,” he said.

The donation from Terrebonne General Medical Center was completed in January of 1998 and matched by the Regents at the ceremony. TGMC board members that approved the endowment include David Arceneaux, Kirby Bonvillain, Teddy Duhé, Dr. Dexter Gary, O’Neil Marlborough, Chester Morrison, Warren Redden, Dr. Alex Smith, Jerri Smitko, Fr. Wilmer Todd, Dr. Guy Waggenspack and Mike Voisin.

Presenting the check to Ayo in the amount of $800,000 was Dr. E. Joseph Savoie, commissioner of Higher Education for Louisiana. Addressing the donors, Savoie said, “You help create the opportunities for excellence and your generosity is appreciated.”

Established in 1986, the endowment program allows the university to attract an eminent faculty scholar in a particular field. The perpetual endowment pays a scholar’s salary with the interest from the account. The money can also be used for the scholar’s professional development and relevant library acquisitions.

The funding for the two endowed chairs for eminent scholars brings the total to three at Nicholls State University. The Belle L. and Leonard J. Toups Endowed Chair in English was fully funded last year.

Endowed professorships allow the university to do the same, but on a smaller scale. Donations for endowed professorships must be in the amount of $60,000, and the Regents match it with $40,000 to create a $100,000 endowment. This is also perpetual, but represents only a supplement to the salary of the person placed in the endowed professorship.

Nicholls currently has four endowed professorships: Aregent Bank Endowed Professorship in the College of Business Administration, Contractors Educational Trust Fund Endowed Professorship in Engineering, and Thibodaux Hospital and Healthcare Centers Endowed Professorship in Nursing. Entergy has just completed the donation for an endowed professorship in computer science which is awaiting matching funds.