University Studies

As an entering freshman you will enroll in University Studies 101.  This class is a first-year experience course designed to provide students with the tools necessary to make a successful transition to college life.  UNIV 101 provides a structure that helps coordinate student advising; our UNIV 101 faculty members are academic advisors to the students enrolled in their classes.

Topics covered in University Studies 101 are:

  • Student Services and university resources
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Career research
  • Personal career assessment and decision making
  • Study skills and learning strategies
  • Time management, planning, and organization
  • Degree information and schedule planning
  • Financial aid basics
  • Personal and career goal setting
  • GPA, grading, and other academic policies

As a freshman, you will complete a portfolio assignment called the Freshman Reflection Piece which will help you connect your career and personal goals to the academic path you need to take to accomplish those goals.  This portfolio will help you learn about your degree program and how the other facets of university life (extracurricular activities, student services, and high-impact learning practices) can add benefit to your time on campus and help you as you work towards your career goal.

Our University Studies faculty members are all Professional Academic Advisors in the Academic Advising Center and are all credentialed at the Master’s degree level or higher.  Their specialties include student affairs, academic affairs, higher education, curriculum, and instruction.

Helpful Information for Incoming Students