Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Here are some tips to remember as you prepare for a productive meeting with your advisor:

  • Be proactive. Think about the big picture, your current interests, your future career and which courses will get you from point A to point B.
  • Be prepared. Write out specific questions or concerns. For example, if you’re meeting about course selection, start by researching potential courses in the schedule of classes and making out a tentative schedule with backups.
  • Be honest. Be willing to identify and discuss your difficulties. Then follow up on the plan you and your advisor agree upon.
  • Be open. You should be prepared to accept new ideas, even if they seem difficult.
  • Be assertive. If you feel overwhelmed or you are having any trouble, ask for advice. Your advisor will help you get the support services you need, but he or she won’t know to help if you don’t ask.
  • Be respectful. Pay close attention to your advisor during the meeting.  If you must cancel an advising appointment, please call ahead to reschedule. Remember, your advisor has a busy schedule, too.