Scheduling an Advising Appointment

Setting up an appointment

Students can schedule an appointment with their advisor by calling 985.448.4117.

Walk-in appointments are available during all business hours, year-round.  Students are welcome to stop by for a quick visit at any time.

During the semester, students will receive an e-mail from their advisor inviting them to schedule an advising appointment.  The e-mail will include a link to an appointment schedule.  Students are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment at their earliest convenience.

Prospective students and new freshmen:

All prospective students, and their families, are welcome to visit the Advising Center.  We are here to answer questions about the university and our academic programs.  Please call for an appointment or stop by for a walk-in visit with our advisors.

Some good reasons to schedule an advising appointment include:

  • When you have questions about your academic performance/progress – If you are struggling to keep up with your coursework, having trouble with a particular subject or worried that you aren’t satisfying requirements for graduation, visit your advisor. He or she can help you identify issues that may be holding you back or suggest campus resources to help you get back on track.
  • When you are thinking about changing your major – Changing your major is a big decision, and you should consult your advisor to make sure you’ve considered all of the issues involved, including how a change might push back your graduation date, affect your financial aid and change your career prospects. Your advisor can help you get an inside view on the major you are considering by putting you in contact with professors and students in that department.
  • When you want to drop or add a course – It’s important to consult with your advisor before making changes to the schedule you set during your registration advisement. Your advisor will make sure you are not overlooking any details that may negatively affect your long-range plans and ensure that you are taking the proper number of hours to maintain your financial aid and stay on track for graduation.
  • When you are exploring career possibilities – Your advisor can explain the traditional courses of study that lead to various professions and suggest other, less typical routes you may wish to explore as well. Each person’s career path is different, and your advisor has helped many students find the best possible route. He or she can share examples of opportunities other students have pursued and suggest resources on and off campus to help you make informed decisions.
  • When you have questions about Nicholls policies and procedures – A university the size of Nicholls naturally has many policies and procedures. Your advisor can help you find answers to any questions you may have about university policies and procedures  from registration and billing to judicial matters and housing.
  • If you have other questions, comments or concerns – The important thing to remember is that your advisor is on your side. He or she wants to see you succeed in your academic and life endeavors. If anything at all is threatening that success whether it’s a personal issue, academic problem or anything else don’t hesitate to seek help from your advisor. If your advisor cannot help you, he or she will find someone who can.