Artist Bio : Jeanine van der Loo

Jeanine van der Loo

Jeanine van der Loo is a national and international artist from Thibodaux, Louisiana. She creates work in clay and mixed media art using stories gathered from around the world. Using those stories is an important part of her process for making art because it brings her back to her earlier childhood where story time was an enjoyable part of her day. Story telling is how tradition and value are passed and in a world of technology it is important to Jeanine to impart it through her art. Her subject matter varies from women to animal subjects. Her woman based art is usually in clay with forays into painting, but she views her work on women as more powerful in sculpture.

Her animal art is a call to action, growing up in Africa, she was lucky enough to observe and cohabit with species that are endangered today, she chose to depict them in a whimsical way to show the beauty and majesty the animal brings to the world we live in. Jeanine is an activist in human and animal rights.

Jeanine artwork has been featured in solo shows and group exhibitions worldwide.