Artist Bio : Mark Olivier

Mark Olivier

Mark is an Nicholls Art Alumni, graduating in 2002 with a concentration in sculpture. For over 15 years, Mark oversaw the development of Prop Production and Projects for New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades [Rex, Bacchus, Endymion, Orpheus, etc.] an out of the area Parades [Philadelphia Thanksgiving, Nashville Christmas] and Commercial Accounts [Chick-fil-a, Universal Studios, Six Flags, NFL, Sugar Bowl,etc.]. He managed (20) twenty artists [illustrators, sculptors, paper mache’, painters, embellishment craftsmen, and fabricators] on a daily basis, while being part of the Mardi Gras World Tour everyday. He worked hand in hand with Artists, Clients, Art Directors, and Management on the overall development of Parades and Projects, while promoting a professional quality of artwork. He had the pleasure of developing Art Directing skills under the guidance of Henri Schendler [Mardi Gras Art Director & Historian] in the proper processes of Design & Function on Parade Themes; as well as, the opportunity to work with Manuel Ponce [Mardi Gras Float Illustrator]. He was responsible for over (350+) Mardi Gras Floats, (1,000+) Props, and roughly (25) Commercial Jobs each Mardi Gras Year.

He is currently exploring the option to open a business that will restore Religious Statuary and Reliquaries. This was a hobby that has developed into a passion. Mark currently resides in Houma and is a member of our Art Works committee.