Artist Bio : Martha Thomassie

Martha Thomassie

I consider myself blessed to have had parents that raised me and my 4 siblings in a nurturing environment that placed a high value on learning and fostered exploration and risk taking. We were not afraid to try to do anything for our parents told us we could do it all.

We made big fat messes painting and drawing so that our creative works filled the house. We were all artistic (or so our mother said). I have no doubt that it fostered creativity and an excitement to explore, imagine, and learn. I was not intimated or bound by any preconceived prejudices or fears of failure.

My formal education consists of a BS in Elementary Education from Nicholls State University and a Masters of Gifted Education from Louisiana State University. Eight years ago, after all the years of playing around with the arts with my children, I began to pursue my passion in art. My hope is to create works of art that mirror the beauty I see around me: making things with my hands that reflect my heart.