Artist Bio : Mary Boudreaux

Mary Boudreaux

Mary Boudreaux is an artist and photographic enthusiast. Photographs of the bayou area are the inspiration for her paintings. Many of her paintings depict scenes that are now only memories of forgotten and fallen houses, barns and outbuildings. Mary was born in the Louisiana bayou country, and still lives in the same Bayou Lafourche home where she and her husband raised eight sons. She has captured numerous bayou landscapes, cane fields, houses and barns in photographs over 40 years and these photographs are the subjects of her paintings.

“I attribute my early interest of bayou country research for my own artistic style to the many photo expeditions taken with her and my mother as a teenager. She is a great teacher, archivist, and preservationist.”
-Jim Blanchard, Architectural Archival Artist, New Orleans, LA