Artist Bio : Rene Perez

Rene Perez

Rene was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but his family decided to return to their home land Puerto Rico. After graduating from high school, Rene joined the United States Army where he became a photographer and served for 13 years.

After his Army carrier, he found work in Dallas, Texas, working as a utilitarian photographer and lab technician. In 2003 he was approached to be a mentor for a photography studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 2006 Rene started painting at the Jackson Square where he has been painting since. Rene Perez hopes to continue his spiritual travels as a painter.

“I am an artist at the Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA. I have been on the fence since 2006, I treat every customer like they were a part of my family. I am always honored when customers go home with one of my paintings; its like taking a little of me into their home. I paint what makes me happy, of course, with a bizarre personal touch.” R. Perez