Artist Bio : Ashley Allemand

Ashley Allemand

Ashley Allemand was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Nicholls State University with an emphasis in printmaking, many of her works have been juried into annual Nicholls Student Art Exhibitions. She has been selected for several awards and her piece “Submergence” won first place in the juried Art Works Exhibition of 2015.

Ashley’s first works in printmaking started with an interest in animal forms and how they could be personified to show human emotion. During her career at Nicholls she made a correlation between the use of the personification of animals to depict the human condition in European folk tales. Her appeal to these folk tales comes from the way they can be imaginative, humorous and morbid all in the same breath. She translates her analysis of her human experience combined with her love for animals and creates her own folk tales. Each of her folk tales set out to depict the human experience and condition to become a parallel to reality, never becoming so realistic that the we as humans can be crippled by it. By translating her own human experience she attempts to connect with the viewer and grab their attention so that they may create their own story based off of their own experiences.