Artist Bio : Beau Raymond

Beau Raymond

Are you laughing? Well, I hope so… “Humor is a device used for centuries to relieve stress, anger and as a means to speak out about controversial social issues in a non-violent manner… The comic stands on stage demanding the attention of his audience, much like a sculpture sits on its pedestal.  Yet the comic speaks to its audience using the most abundant comedic material, our everyday human follies.

It is my intent to first entertain the audience with a punch-line, a visual signifier that induces laughter. Once laughing, I attempt to inform the viewer of the social commentary present in each work. I use self-deprecation in order for my audience to identify with my work. It is the humor in my own actions that allow me to observe the folly of others.

I only ask my audience to laugh with or at me, and for that moment, they no longer think about life as stressful but find the humor in it. Even if it is only for that moment, we can say, damn that’s funny and laugh together. “

“Surrounded by the decadent and rich culture of my Cajun Heritage I embody all aspects of this lifestyle. Play hard and party even harder, a good sense of family and tradition, and the many ways food and drink can bring people together.”  —Beau Raymond

Beau Raymond is a 2004 graduate of Nicholls State University Department of Art. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He exhibits his work nationally and internationally and since 2010 has been the Clay Studio Manager for Johns Creek Arts Center,  Johns Creek, Georgia.