Artist Bio : Nicol Brinkman

Nicol Brinkman

I graduated with a BFA in painting, but I have been swept away by textiles, faux fur, and colorful thread for many years. I began sewing when my mom was very ill. It was a way for me to rid myself of nervous energy, and after she passed, it was my therapy. I made a quilt out of some of her clothes. The project helped me feel close to her, and also gave my hands something meaningful to do during a time when I felt pretty lost. I enjoyed sewing so much that afterwards I began sewing strange pillow people and writing stories for them. They were so ridiculous and they made laugh. I was delighted when people responded positively to them, so I opened up an Etsy shop and I haven’t stopped since. I like to make characters that feel like they come from a very specific place, and reflect how I think childhood should feel: full of wonder, joy and delight. The mission of Pink Cheeks Studios is to bring whimsy into people‚Äôs lives! I delight in sending quirky little guardians out there into the world to watch over wee ones. I love to make them. I sew them carefully, with love and patience. I use a large variety of textures to encourage hugs and snuggling. Making these fellows (and ladies) add so much joy and whimsy to my days.

Nicol is the owner, maker and designer of Pink Cheek Studios.