Art History

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The study of art history provides the tool kit students need to understand and analyze art works in a global context and in their lives. Art history is essentially an interdisciplinary study, incorporating all kinds of material. The discipline may refer to biography, chemistry, art connoisseurship, economics, gender studies, religious studies, literary studies, psychology, philosophy, political history, patronage, technology, and other topics that might be relevant to a particular artist or artwork.

All BFA candidates study art history and the Department of Art offers both a concentration and a minor in art history. Courses in art history are dedicated to each major historical period, from ancient to contemporary. Specialized courses and independent study options are also available. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in the major monuments and movements of Western and Non-Western art. Art history courses enhance studio practice, teach students how to engage in art research and criticism, and provide a foundation for graduate study in the arts and humanities.

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