With a lump of clay and a touch of fire, the opportunities are endless.

Nicholls ceramics students are taught traditional and contemporary ceramic techniques. Our program allows students the opportunity to gain experience in hand-building, throwing, kiln building, firing, and clay and glaze formulation. The studio is very well equipped to assist students in exploring the many facets of the ceramic medium. The Department of Art takes great pride in having a large number of diverse kilns for students to explore including electric, gas, sodium vapor, raku, and wood kilns.

The program emphasizes foundation skills and prepares the student for further academic studies as graduate students and in the real world essentials for becoming a studio artist/potter.

The ceramics laboratory is divided into several areas including:

  • the main teaching and working area comprised of pottery wheels, slab rollers, hand-building tables, glaze mixing room, and a separate senior workspace
  • the kiln room housing electric kilns and space for drying and firing of artwork
  • the clay mixing/pugging room and storage for bulk raw materials
  • the enclosed kiln pad area containing gas, sodium vapor, wood kilns, and additional working and storage space