With a bucket of clay and a touch of fire, the opportunities are endless.

Nicholls ceramics students are taught traditional and modern handbuilding techniques and develop a solid foundation of working with clay. The program allows students the opportunity to get experience mixing clay, glazes, and working with the potter’s wheel. The studio is well equipped to assist students in the many facets of ceramics. We have an extensive kiln assortment consisting of electric, gas, soda, Raku, and wood.

The curriculum explores functional and sculptural ceramic techniques.Students are also taught clay and glaze chemistry and kiln building.The program emphasizes skills that are essential for students hoping to set up their own ceramics studio or apply to graduate school.

The Department of Art’s ceramics laboratory is a progressive facility, housing both wheel throwing and handbuilding work stations. The studio and the equipment are competitive with that of graduate-level art programs.

The ceramics laboratory is divided into several areas:

  • the main teaching and working studio comprised of pottery wheels and tables for handbuilding
  • work space for graduating seniors
  • a glaze mixing room
  • an electric kiln room
  • a glazing area
  • a recently constructed 1520-square-foot kiln pad enclosure and
  • a separate 1200-square-foot clay mixing and clay storage building