Ceramics Laboratory 108 Talbot Hall

The Department of Art’s ceramics laboratory is a progressive facility, housing both wheel throwing and hand-building.

The ceramic laboratory includes:

  • 32-cubic-foot, cross draft sodium vapor kiln
  • 32-cubic-foot, Alpine updraft gas reduction kiln
  • 54-cubic-foot, Geil shuttle car natural downdraft gas reduction kiln with automatic damper and microprocessor
  • 30-cubic-foot, Catenary Arch cross draft wood burning kiln
  • 2 Front-loading gas Raku kiln
  • Pit fire kiln
  • 9 cubic-foot, Paragon computer controlled front loading electric kiln
  • 23 inch diameter 7-cubic-foot, L&L computer controlled top-loading electric kilns
  • 28 inch diameter 9.9-cubic-foot, Skutt computer controlled top-loading electric kilns
  • 28 inch diameter 6.8-cubic-foot, L&L computer controlled top-loading electric kiln
  • 26.5 inch square 11.7-cubic-foot, L&L computer controlled top-loading electric kiln
  • 17.5 inch diameter 2.6-cubic-foot, L&L manual controlled top-loading electric kiln
  • L&L computer controlled top-loading electric test kiln
  • Norstar extruder
  • 12 Brent electric pottery wheels
  • 3 Brent Slab rollers
  • Spray booth
  • Venco pugmill
  • Bluebird deairing pugmill
  • Bluebird clay mixer
  • 2 Soldner clay mixers
  • Glaze and clay scales
  • Ball mill machine
  • Slip casting table
  • 55 inch flat screen TV with Apple TV
  • Imac with decal printer

University Ceramics Club

The University Ceramics Club is for those who are interested in working with clay as an art form. The University Ceramics Club hosts an annual holiday pottery sale every fall semester. The holiday sale has been a tradition for at least 25 years and is held Wednesday through Friday of the week following Thanksgiving. Funds generated from the sale help to assist students, the ceramic studio and departmental events in various areas such as: ceramic art conferences, studio equipment, exhibition awards, and visiting artists. The club also offers off-campus trips to museums and galleries during the year to art majors and non-art majors. During each semester the club brings together students, alumni, and friends for, “Pot ’til You Drop,” an event held to make pottery for the annual pottery sale.

For further information please contact:

Jeff Brown


Teresa Shannon


Jean Donegan

Student Employment

The Department of Art has several opportunities for students to become involved with the operation of its studios and clerical needs. Student employees are hired through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Student employees are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility. Student workers must be work-study eligible and enrolled for no fewer than six credit hours per semester.