Goals & Student Outcomes

GOALS: Auxiliary Services will promote the mission of Nicholls State University as well as the goals and objectives of the Student Affairs Division by fulfilling the following department goals:

GOAL 1:  Improve existing programs and create new opportunities to integrate Auxiliary Services’ operations with the University’s mission.

GOAL 2:  Successfully manage University resources while providing the highest levels of quality, value, innovation, and excellence in the products and services we provide.

GOAL 3:  Identify new technology that will allow the university to increase student, faculty, and staff satisfaction, operating efficiency, reduce costs, and generate new revenue  opportunities.

GOAL 4:  Efficiently and effectively manage the auxiliary accounts by determining the fiscal requirements of each auxiliary operation and monitoring annual expenditures.

GOAL 5:  Demonstrate the importance of people within Auxiliary Services by providing opportunities  for professional growth and personal satisfaction in a stimulating work environment.

GOAL 6: Conduct  auxiliary needs and assessments/services derived by students, faculty, and staff by performing customer service surveys and other processes to solicit valid feedback.

GOAL 7:  Efficiently and effectively  manage all auxiliary contracts by ensuring that for existing contracts, all goods and services are provided in accordance with contractual terms and conditions and that future contracts allow for increased or enhance commission revenue, investment dollars, in-kind services, scholarships, renovation opportunities, and employment opportunities for students.

GOAL 8:  Communicate key auxiliary services initiatives through the addition of a marketing communication specialist and staff.

GOAL 9:  Participate in the CAS self assessment process to ensure that all auxiliary departments are following best practices in their respective fields.

GOAL 10: Work with the Student Programming Association and various advisory boards to provide leadership opportunities that will assist in character development and ethical practices as outlined in the Nicholls Creed and obtain critical opinions and information about Auxiliary Services departments and facilities.

STUDENT OUTCOMES:  As Auxiliary Services completes and fulfills the goals listed above, the following student outcomes will occur:

  • Students will be attracted to Nicholls State University as their school of choice.
  • Students will have a variety of out-of-classroom services and products that are desirable and fit their lifestyle needs.
  • Students will stay at Nicholls and accomplish their academic endeavors.
  • Students will be afforded outstanding services by the Auxiliary Services departments.
  • Students will recognize Nicholls State University and the Auxiliary Services departments with great student satisfaction ratings on internal and external surveys approved by the University.

(Updated:  June 1, 2015)