First Time User Instructions

Important Information for Banner Self-Service and Student Email

Below is information that will assist you in determining your student email account, as well as logging into Banner Self-Service and Student Email. Please check your student email account often, as this is an official form of communication between the university and yourself.

Banner Self-Service

Banner Self-Service is the official records system for the university. This allows students to apply to the university, register for classes, adjust mail and addresses, emails, and phone numbers and much more.

To Access Banner Self-Service

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Enter Secure Area’
  3. Enter your User ID. For first time users, this is your social security number. Your default PIN is your six digit birthday (MMDDYY – Example: 010190 is January 1, 2010)
  4. If this is your first time logging into Banner Self-Service
    • You will be prompted to create a new PIN.
    • You will be asked a security question and answer. Note that these will be case sensitive and are required to help you retrieve your PIN if you forget it.
  5. You will then be presented with the Main Menu
  6. In the upper right corner of the Main Menu is your Banner ID (N#). This is an ID that you can use in place of your SSN. It is asked that students begin to use this ID as opposed to SSNs.
  7. Clicking on Personal Information will allow you to adjust things such as your address, phone numbers, email address etc.
    • This is how you find out what your Nicholls email address is. Your email address should be added to your Banner Self-Service account within one week of your admission to the university.
  8. Clicking on the Student tab enables you to look at your course history, register for classes, look at the schedule of classes, etc.
  9. Clicking on the Financial Aid tab will enable you to respond to and check the status of your Financial Aid with Nicholls State University

To Access your University Email Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username. Your username is your email address that you learned via logging into Banner Self-Service. Example: Email Address: jbob@], username:
    • Your email account will NOT allow you to login if you do not enter the ENTIRE email address
  3. Enter your password.
    • Your password is your N# found in the upper right corner of Banner Self Service

Common Problem

  1. Using Banner ID (N#) to log in to Banner Self-Service
    • If you are using your Banner ID to login to Banner Self-Service, you MUST CAPITALIZE the “N” in the ID number.
  2. Student email accounts and Windows XP and Vista
    • While using Windows XP and Vista a problem may exist under your Internet Options. To fix this, select ‘Internet Options’ under the Tools menu of your browser. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab. Scroll down until you see ‘Use SSL 2.0’ and ‘Use SSL 3.0’. Make sure both boxes are checked

Payment Problem?
If you are experiencing a problem paying application fees or tuition & fees try one of the following:

  1. Use Firefox or Chrome.  These tend to work
  2. If you get to the page and it is a BLANK screen, click the “Compatibility View” button.  This should allow you to proceed.