Past Graduate Research

Current Graduate Research
Gar Page
Nicholls State University Dept. of Biological Sciences
Nicholls State University MS in Marine and Environmental Biology
The Master's in Marine and Environmental Biology program began the fall semester of 2002. The Bayousphere Research Lab supports a variety of graduate research.  Below is a list of graduates that have conducted their thesis research in the Bayousphere Research Lab and graduated.  Click on the thesis title for a PDF of the thesis.
Perry Boudreaux Spring 2006
Chris Bonvillain Spring 2006
Jacques Fontenot Fall 2006
Johnathan Davis Fall 2006
MattiLynn Dantin Spring 2007
Michael Wiley Spring 2007

Population Density and Over-Wintering of an Exotic Lizard, the Brown Anole Anolis sagrei, and an Evaluation of Anole Distribution in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes, Louisiana

Heather Dyer Fall 2007
Marcel Estay Spring 2008 Assessmeny of Water Quality in the Upper Barataria Estuary
Olivia Smith Spring 2008
Sean Jackson Spring 2009
Trevis Olivier Fall 2009
Mark Suchy Fall 2009
Tim Clay Fall 2009
Cynthia Fox Spring 2010

Seasonal Abundance, Age Structure, Gonadosomatic Index, and Gonad Histology of Yellow Bass Morone mississippiensis in the upper Barataria Estuary, Louisiana

Kelsey Adkisson Spring 2010 Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Native and Invasive Bivalves in Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana
Rachel Ianni Spring 2011
Lisa Breaux Fall 2011
Billy Finney Fall 2011
Taren Manley Fall 2012
Kent Bollfrass Fall 2012
Bo Boudreaux Spring 2013