Bayousphere Research Lab

Past Undergraduate Research

Current Graduate Research
Gar Page
Nicholls State University Dept. of Biological Sciences
Nicholls State University MS in Marine and Environmental Biology
Part of the benefit of attending Nicholls State University for a biology degree is the opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate.  Undergraduate research is part of the two hour credit Biology 416 course.  The Bayousphere Research Lab supports a variety of undergraduate research.  Below is a list of students that have conducted their research in the Bayousphere Research Lab. 
Chris Bonvillain Spring 2003 Does Naturally Occurring Hypoxia Affect Growth of Young Largemouth Bass
Chris Bonvillain Summer 2003 Comparison of Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis Growth Under Various Salinities
Paul Nguyen Fall 2003 Evaluation of Alligator Gar Otoltihs
Marc Acosta Summer 2004

Feeding Behavior Changes of Juvenile Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus Due to Ingesting Red Imported Fireants Solenopsis invicta

Jeremy Pecanty Spring 2005 Evaluation of Spawning Bowfin in the Laboratory
Olivia Smith Summer 2005

Nitrite and Ammonia LC50’s on Small Juvenile Spotted Gar (Lepisosteus oculatus)

Jonathan Reulet Summer 2005 Effect of Feed Attractants on Growth, Water Qualtiy, and Amount of Feed Consumed for Juvenile Alligator Gar
Dana Romano Summer 2005 Coded Wire Tag Retention for the Green Anole
Lainey Pitre Fall 2005

Temperature Effects on the Maintenance of Laboratory Reared Juvenile Alligator Gar (Atractosteus spatula)

Emily Griffin Fall 2005 Use of Coded Wire Tags to Determine Gut Evacution Rates of the Green Anole
Trevis Olivier Spring 2006 Evaluation of Allelopathic Properties for Three Types of Plants
Chris Cortez Spring 2007 Evaluation of Bowfin GSI in the Upper Barataria Estuary
Shane Burke Summer 2007 Longitudinal Distribution of the Asiatic clam and Zebra Mussels in Bayou Lafourche
Cody Dimak Fall 2007 Impacts of Bone Meal and Epsom Salt Application on the Growth of Smooth Cordgrass
Alex Romero Fall 2007 Impacts of Bone Meal and Epsom Salt Application on the Growth of Smooth Cordgrass
Ashley McKey Fall 2007 Nitrogen and Phosphorous Analysis of the Upper Barataria Estuary
Amanda Cenac Spring 2008 Histology of Alligator Gar Gonads
Thomas Widgeon Fall 2008 Seasonal Diets of Spotted Gar in the upper Barataria Estuary
Alexis Cutrera Fall 2009 Ageing Yellow Bass With Otoliths