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Lepisosteid Fish Research and Management Committee



Notice: A change in the 2010 meeting venue has been made. The optional workshop and the conference will be held on the campus of Nicholls State University. The conference will NOT be held at the Jean Lafitte Center as originally scheduled. Maps to the new conference location can be accessed here. Please forward this information to anyone interested.

The 2010 meeting program and the full book of abstracts (with maps) are now available! Please note the meeting program will be printed and available at the meeting. However, we will not have a hard copy of the entire book of abstracts available. We are requesting that each person print their own.

The agenda for the SDAFS Alligator Gar Ad-hoc Technical Committee Meeting is posted here.

Direction to Nicholls State University

Direction to the Hampton Inn

The Alligator Gar Working Group is now officially the Lepisosteid Research and Management Committee and is primarily composed of state and federal agency biologists, academics, fish farmers, members of the media, fishing guides, and members of the general public that are interested in the conservation and management of alligator gar populations. Previous meetings have been held in Memphis, TN, on 11 June 2002, in Tupelo, MS, on 22 February 2007, in Thibodaux, LA, on 21-22 February 2008, and in New Orleans, LA, 15 - 18 January 2009 in association with the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society. The next meeting will be held May 25 - 28 in Thibodaux, LA.