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Carlson and Protea magnifica

I am a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences at Nicholls State University, located in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  My departmental webpage is here.

Teaching: Plant taxonomy: vascular plant diversity and identification of local flora (BIOL 361: spring); Professional Scientific Writing, Graduate level (BIOL 568: spring) Field Botany, Graduate level (BIOL 562: fall), General Biology I for Majors lecture and laboratory (BIOL 155: fall and spring).

Research interest: I study the ecological interactions that fuel plant evolutionary processes, such as natural selection on plant traits and ecotypic diversification. I'm particularly interested in how pollinators, herbivores, and environmental conditions contribute to the evolution and maintenance of floral and leaf traits in wild populations.  

For students interested in working in my lab:  If you are a prospective masters student interested in field-based plant ecology research, there are several opportunities available in my lab. One ongoing project is focused on environmental tolerances, trait variation and plant-insect interactions for two widespread Hibiscus species. These species are native to wetlands throughout the Central and Eastern United States and both are common in Southern Louisiana. One research goal for these and other wetland forbs is to document how plant-animal interactions (pollination, herbivory and seed predation) vary across plant species distributions and how these interactions are influenced by land-use patterns and environmental conditions. Please email me to learn more.

If you are an undergraduate at Nicholls and would like to gain research experience in my lab, email or stop by my office to find out what's available. Most research opportunities in my lab would have both an indoor and outdoor component and would involve measuring leaf or floral traits either in the greenhouse, farm, or digitally in the lab.

Contact details:
Nicholls State University, Department of Biological Sciences

P.O. Box 2021, Thibodaux, LA 70310

Phone 985-448-4708, jane.carlson -at-

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