Since our master’s program began in 2002, the Department of Biological Sciences has graduated 50┬ástudents, who are all employed or enrolled in professional programs. That is 100 percent post-degree placement!

  • 11 of our graduates have been accepted to Ph.D. programs around the country
  • 1 graduate has been accepted to medical school
  • 32 graduates are currently working for agencies or industries
  • 2 graduates are instructors in the Department of Biological Sciences
  • 1 graduate is teaching in secondary education

Our program offers a wide variety of educational, research and internship opportunities. Whether you choose to enter a Ph.D. program or to enter the workforce after completing your degree, you will have developed skills and abilities that will ensure your future success.

Read what some of our graduate program alumni have to say about our graduate program:

c_bonvillain.jpg Chris Bonvillain
Spring 2006 graduate“Nicholls Biology has an outstanding graduate program in marine and environmental biology with a wide range of research possibilities while still having the small school atmosphere. Every professor gets to know the students personally and really cares about student’s success. The classes and faculty prepare students for either entrance into the job market or to pursue a higher degree.”
Perry Boudreaux
Spring 2006 graduate
“The Nicholls biology graduate program will introduce you to a diverse learning environment and will provide an intimate relationship with professors who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your success in marine and environmental biology. The relationships that are formed with professors and other grad students will continue well past the graduate program.”

Johnathan Davis
Fall 2006 graduate

“Nicholls faculty will take a genuine interest in you and your work, both inside and outside of the classroom. The program offers the chance to work in many different areas within the biological sciences and exposes students to the vast compexities of the Louisiana estuary system. Through my research and other departmental research, I had the opportunity to work with coastal species such as crabs, oysters and numerous finfish as well as freshwater species such as alligator gar, bowfin and even gizzard shad. The internship classes required by the program offer a unique opportunity to gain experience outside of the classroom and to forge relationships with potential employers. Most of all, I loved the atmosphere created by the students in the graduate program. These people were not only coworkers and associates of mine, but they were close friends who I know I will continue to work with in my career.”