Elective Courses

A minimum of 18 hours of committee-approved elective courses (listed below) are required for a M.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology. A maximum of 6 hours of committee-approved 400-level* graduate courses may count toward your degree. Also, a maximum of 6 hours of committee-approved 500-level GEOM courses may count toward your degree. Your thesis committee may require you to enroll in other courses. Course descriptions are listed in the University Catalog.

Elective courses include:

BIOL 425* (4 hrs) Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Fall only)
BIOL 473* (3 hrs) Our Changing Coastal Ocean (LUMCON compressed video course)
BIOL 473-4* (3-4 hrs) Other graduate LUMCON summer courses
BIOL 480* (4 hrs) Environmental Biotechnology (Spring only)
BIOL 483* (3 hrs) Marine and Estuarine Biology
BIOL 490* (4 hrs) Environmental Toxicology (Fall only)
BIOL 504 (3 hrs) Ecological Restoration (Spring odd-years only)
BIOL 515 (3 hrs) Wetland Birds (Fall even-years only)
BIOL 535 (3 hrs) Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Immunity (Fall only)
BIOL 537 (3hrs) Applied Ecology (Spring only; meets LUMCON requirement )
BIOL 541 (4 hrs) Molecular Biotechnology (Spring only)
BIOL 545 (3 hrs) Environmental Public Health Microbiology (Spring only)
BIOL 555 (3 hrs) Advanced Oceanography (Fall odd-years only)
BIOL 556 (3 hrs) Biology of Polluted Waters (Fall even-years only)
BIOL 561 (3 hrs) Wetlands Plant Biology (Summer Intersession; meets LUMCON requirement)
BIOL 566 (3 hrs) Population Dynamics (Spring even-years only)
BIOL 567 (3 hrs) Marine Conservation and Management (Spring even-years only)
BIOL 568 (3 hrs) Professional Scientific Writing Laboratory (Spring only)
BIOL 570 (3 hrs) Special Topics
BIOL 575 (3 hrs) Environmental Diagnostics and Biomarkers (Spring even-years only)
BIOL 580 (4 hrs) Bioremediation of Toxic Environments (Spring only)
BIOL 581 (2 hrs) Analytical Techniques for Environmental Applications (Spring only)
BIOL 585 (3 hrs) Aquatic Toxicology (Fall only)
CHEM 490* (3 hrs) Special Topics in Chemistry
GEOM 501 (3 hrs) GIS Applications (Summer odd-years only)
GEOM 511 (3 hrs) GPS for Mappers (Summer odd-years only)
GEOM 521 (3 hrs) Remote Sensing (Summer even-years only)
GEOM 531 (3 hrs) GEOM 531 Spatial Databases (Summer even-years only)
MATH 507 (3 hrs) Biostatistics (Spring only)