Nicholls Student Researchers Attend the ULL Fall Undergraduate Research Invitational

Dr. Gary LaFleur brought four Nicholls Biology undergraduate students to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Fall Undergraduate Research Invitational.  Each student gave a presentation on their research.  The students, coauthors, and research presentation titles are:

Angelle Aubin, A Corbin, and M Kilgen.  A Case Study of a Vibrio Outbreak in a Shrimp Aquaculture (poster presentation).

Elizabeth Bergeron, K Holloway, and K Pruitt.  Sirtuin and Disheveled proteins as regulators of aromatase expression in breast cancer cell line McF-7 (poster presentation).

Meredith McKoin and Earl Melancon.  The Prevalence of Three Grass Shrimp Species in a Louisiana Estuary and the Intensity of Infection by the Ectoparasite, Probopyrus pandalicola, on the Grass Shrimp, Paleomonetes pugio (oral presentation).

Mingma Sherpa, B Zybailov, K Raney, G Glazko.  Quadruplexes in Mitochondrial DNA- Structure, Function and Evolution (poster and oral presentation).