Faculty Research

Dr. Chris Bonvillain

  • Crayfish biology and ecology
  • Aquatic and large river-floodplain ecology
  • Physical and physiological responses of aquatic biota to environmental hypoxia

Dr. Raj Boopathy

  • Biodegradation of hazardous chemicals
  • Isolation and identification of novel bacteria
  • Anaerobic degradation of explosive chemicals and oil Spills
  • Microbial decomposition of post-harvest sugarcane residue
  • Influence of anaerobic bacteria on periodontal disease
  • Microbial ecology

Dr. Jane Carlson

  • Plant eco-physiology
  • Plant-animal interactions
  • Natural selection and ecotypic diversification in native plant populations

Dr. Zack Darnell

  • Invertebrate Ecophysiology
  • Migration in the Marine Environment
  • Invertebrate Fisheries
  • Endogenous Rhythmsulations

Dr. John Doucet

  • Genetic diseases in Louisiana populations
  • Molecular anthropology of Louisiana populations
  • Environmental and human disease
  • Chromosome architecture
  • Genetics and Louisiana families

Dr. Allyse Ferrara

  • Fish population dynamics
  • Age and growth of fishes
  • Management and conservation of long-lived organisms
  • Coastal Restoration

Dr. Quenton Fontenot

  • Large river floodplain ecology
  • Fish physiology
  • Culture of aquatic organisms
  • Coastal restoration

Dr. Marilyn Kilgen

  • Seafood safety and technology
  • Water quality indicators and pathogens
  • Environmental microbiology and virology

Dr. Gary LaFleur Jr.

  • Physiological mechanisms of reproduction and early development
  • Experimentation with invertebrate and lower vertebrate models
  • Molecular mechanisms of oogenesis and fertilization

Dr. Alex Lasseigne Jr.

  • Wetland plants
  • Louisiana plants
  • Legumes
  • Weeds

Dr. Earl Melancon Jr.

  • Estuarine ecology, especially commercial shellfish, oysters, blue-crabs, shrimp and crawfish
  • Coastal restoration

Dr. Rajukmar Nathaniel

  • Host/pathogen interactions
  • Enteric pathogen virulence
  • Mechanisms of immune evasion by pathogens

Dr. Aaron Pierce

  • Wetland Ecology
  • Ecosystem Processes
  • Avian Ecology
  • Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Dr. S. Michele Robichaux

  • Molecular genetics of regionally indigenous human diseases
  • Effects of anaerobic bacteria on periodontitis

Dr. David Schultz

  • Fish ecology
  • Life history evolution
  • Population biology
  • Mathematical biology

Dr. Enmin Zou

  • Impact of environmental agents on hormonally mediated processes in aquatic animals
  • Environmental etiology of hormonally related cancers such as breast and ovarian cancers in humans