Dr. Allyse Ferrara

FerraraProfessor of Biological Sciences

B.A., Hiram College; M.S., Tennessee Tech University; Ph.D., Auburn University

Courses taught:
BIOL 156 — General Biology II
BIOL 406 – Honors Colloquium in the Biological Sciences (guest lectures)
BIOL 475 — Research Problems
BIOL 504 — Ecological Restoration
BIOL 566 – Population Dynamics of Marine Organisms
BIOL 567 – Marine Conservation and Management
BIOL 560 — Marine and Environmental Regulation, Law and Policy Workshop
BIOL 571 – Marine and Environmental Industry Internship
BIOL 572 – Marine and Environmental Governmental Regulatory Agency Internship
BIOL 573 – Marine and Environmental Academic/Non-profit Institution Internship
HUMA 481 – Honors Humanities Abroad II (Costa Rica)

Research interests:
Fish population dynamics, age and growth of fishes, management and conservation of long-lived organisms, coastal restoration.

Contact information:
223 Gouaux Hall
Phone: 985.448.4736
E-mail: allyse.ferrara@nicholls.edu