Student Opportunities

Whether you are conducting hands-on learning in one of our well-equipped laboratories or exploring the bayous and wetlands of coastal Louisiana in one of our four boats, you will develop a sound foundation in the Biological Sciences.  Our strong academic program will give you the experience and knowledge to be successful in your career!

Are you interested in conducting research?  You should be!  Our Department has a rich history of supporting a wide range of undergraduate research projects.  Undergraduate researchers in our department have presented their research at local, national, and international conferences, published their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and have been invited to present their research in Washington, D.C., on Capital Hill!

You will also have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience from your biology courses to projects that directly impact the surrounding community and ecosystem through the many service learning activities available to biology students.  You can combine volunteerism and biology to work on projects from teaching children about the exciting world of biology to efforts to help preserve and restore Louisiana’s wetlands!

As you advance in your scientific career, it will be important to build your academic network.  You will meet new people in your classes and get to know them better during class field trips.  However, there are four student organizations based in the Department of Biological Sciences that will introduce you to many people that are at Nicholls for the same reason as you!  Participation in one of our student organizations will provide you with a network of friends that can help guide you through your program!