Hands-on Learning

Whether you are using state-of-the-art equipment in a laboratory course or exploring Louisiana’s bayous and coastal wetlands in one of our boats, you will have ample opportunity for hands-on learning as a biology student.  Our small class sizes facilitate extensive hands-on learning opportunities for students that are closely linked to key biological concepts and actively engages students in the learning process through exploration, personal discovery, and real-world experiences.  Students learn and apply laboratory and field techniques with the same equipment they will use in the workforce or graduate and professional schools.


Hands-on learning experiences for our biology students include the use of real-world molecular techniques like DNA fingerprinting to solve a murder mystery or genetically manipulate bacteria to glow in the dark, experience with modern techniques and equipment used by state and federal agencies to examine habitat characteristics and community biodiversity, distribution, and abundance in aquatic ecosystems, use of extensive invertebrate and vertebrate specimen collections to learn species identifications, or field excursions in one of the department’s four boats to experience Louisiana’s wetlands and wildlife.

Biology students make the wetlands their classroom through hands-on coastal restoration and research projects.

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