About Us

Business is a part of our everyday lives.  Business professionals are not only needed in corporate boardrooms and on Wall Street , they also work in all walks of life.  You can find business graduates in:

  • the health care and the insurance industry
  • culinary industry, large food and beverage makers to small restaurants
  • professional sports and entertainment
  • the oil and gas, maritime, chemical and manufacturing industries
  • financial institutions, banks, investment firms and real estate
  • courtrooms and law offices
  • accounting firms
  • political campaigns and government offices
  • marketing firms and research offices
  • every retail and small business you visit.

At our core, the College of Business Administration supports the diverse educational needs of business professionals.  Many of our students come from our region and return to our region after graduation.  However, our close ties to oil and gas, maritime, chemical and agricultural manufacturing necessitates the need to prepare students to succeed not only in the region, but throughout the United States and the world in these international businesses.  Even small business owners in our area must understand the global implications of our regional economy.

Our specialized programs will prepare students to network, manage information, lead others, and think not only critically but creatively.  We prepare our students to work with the technological tools and large scale data that drives the business world of the future.  Our leadership provides students with progressive and engaging learning experiences by offering challenging curriculum and skills while giving students numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We offer degrees that serve the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders.