The Nicholls College of Business Administration Internship Program offers junior and senior students an opportunity to combine their academic preparation with practical, real-world business experience. The program attempts to place business students in internships with both public and private organizations throughout the region and beyond.

For additional information on internships, e-mail or visit Internship FAQ.

nsu_5313.JPGBenefits for Students:

  • Better understanding of business.
  • Enhanced ability to make more informed career decisions.
  • Increased marketability.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Opportunity to earn compensation.
  • Earn 3 hours academic credit.
  • Greater appreciation for remaining coursework.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Effective means to locate and train motivated students for immediate employment.
  • Opportunity to preview students’ abilities.
  • Ability to assess students for “fit” with their organization.
  • A pipeline for potential employees.
  • Decreased cost-for-hire.
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention outcomes.

Academic credit can be earned in:

  • Accounting
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management/Maritime (*required for degree)

Internships in all areas are optional with the exception of the management/maritime Concentration.  *All maritime management concentration majors must complete an approved Internship.

Internships satisfy upper level elective requirements and the job must provide sufficient discipline specific experience to qualify.

To participate, students must be a junior or senior in good academic standing and approved by their respective department heads. Students will receive three hours of credit and may participate in the internship program for credit for one semester only.  Students must have completed appropriate course work in the internship discipline.  (Usually 9 hrs. minimum in relevant courses.)

Students must:

  • Sign an internship cooperative agreement and plan of work.
  • Work a minimum of 150 hours across the course of the semester.
  • Turn in weekly activity reports to their faculty adviser.
  • Complete an evaluation of the internship experience at the end of the semester.
  • Successfully complete any assignments and attend ant meetings required by their faculty adviser.

Employers must:

  • Agree to adhere to all policies and procedures of the internship program.
  • Sign an internship cooperative agreement.
  • Develop a plan of work which exposes the intern to a complete flow of information and activities.
  • Provide the intern a minimum of 150 hours on the job.
  • Designate an intern supervisor in the organization.
  • Agree to be contacted at least twice by the internship instructor.
  • Complete an evaluation of the student intern at mid-term and at the end of the semester.

INTERNSHIP PROCESS (all forms can be found below)


  1. Student approval to pursue an Internship – Interested students must complete a Student Application.  The application must indicate the Internship Course they are applying to take.  The student must include a resume; a cover letter to accompany their packet is optional.  The application must be approved by the student’s advisor and the student’s department head.  Once approval is obtained, the application is to be submitted to Ms. Connie Daigle in White 104 or to the Dean’s Office.  Only after the approved application is submitted to the Internship Office will the student be eligible to move to the employment stage.  Approved students are not guaranteed a job assignment.  Please plan for an alternate course in the event a job is not found.
  2. Employment – Approximately 50% of students find their own internship sites.  A student is not allowed to receive internship credit for an existing job, however, if a current employer is willing to create a new job for the student that satisfies new discipline specific duties, the job will be considered for possible internship credit.  Those who are not able to find their own positions get jobs through our employer database.  Employers that indicate an interest in hiring for a specific semester are sent complete student application packets from the Internship Office.  Students are subject to the organization’s usual selection process and employment terms, such as compensation and work schedule.  The student is responsible for understanding the terms of the internship prior to accepting the job.  A cooperative agreement and plan of work is submitted to the Internship Office for approval of the job site.  There forms must be signed by the organization’s representative, the student intern and the faculty intern advisor (which may be different from the student’s regular academic advisor.)


  1. Interested employers should submit a Business Request Form.  The form provides information about the potential internship job and the Semester in which the job will be available.  The internship job must provide sufficient work in the Discipline for which the student is receiving credit.  Most internship jobs are compensated.  Unpaid internships have occurred, but a limited pool of applicants will be able to accept an unpaid position.
  2. Employers will receive packets of potential students as they are available.  Please be advised that the pool of potential students varies each semester and we may not have adequate students to fill all employer requests.

For more information please see FAQs or e-mail


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