The Nicholls College of Business Administration Internship Program offers students an opportunity to combine their academic preparation with practical, real-world business experience. The program attempts to place business students in internships with both public and private organizations throughout the region and beyond.

Internships satisfy upper level elective requirements and the job must provide sufficient discipline specific experience to qualify.  Credit can be earned in the following areas: accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, and computer information systems.

To participate, students must be a junior or senior in good academic standing and approved by their academic advisers and respective department heads.  Students must have completed a minimum of 9 hours of course work in the internship discipline to be eligible for the program.  Students will receive three hours of credit and may participate in the internship program for credit for one semester only.  Acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement.


Dates of interest for students:

Enrollment deadline for summer 2019 internships:
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Enrollment deadline for fall 2019 internships:
Friday, August 23, 2019

  • Click here for the student application form.
  • Click here for the internship student packet.
  • Click here for the Intern Safety document.     All interns must receive this document.
  • Click here for the intern weekly activity report.
  • Click here for the end of semester internship evaluation.
  • International students: To comply with federal regulations, (8 CFR 2(f)(10)(i)(B), international students who hold an F-1 student visa need appropriate work authorization before they can engage in an internship.  In addition, the internship or training opportunity must be required by the student’s curriculum or, if not required, the student must receive credit for the training.  International students must meet with their international adviser for review of the details of the internship (detailed job offer and department approval).  Work cannot commence until this work authorization is obtained.  Please contact International Student Services at


Information for Employers:

Contact the program’s director, Dr. Krisandra Guidry, (985) 448-4170 or for additional information.