Job Shadowing

The Colonel Job Shadowing Program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to spend time “shadowing” a professional role model in an area of interest.  This unique opportunity provides the student with (a) an inside glimpse of what a particular occupation entails and (b) time to interact with a professional role model in the workplace.  Job shadowing also provides personal networking opportunities for our students through connections with CBA supporters and alumni.

Our fall Kick-Off Event is scheduled for the week of September 16-20, 2019.

Who is eligible for the Colonel Job Shadowing Program?
Freshmen and sophomore level students are eligible to participate, others if opportunities are available.

When does job shadowing occur?
Shadowing opportunities occur during school breaks or at a time agreed upon by the participants.

How do I become a shadow?
Students may submit an application at the beginning of each semester (and are accepted throughout).  Students may complete multiple shadowing sessions during their tenure as CBA students.

Who are professional role models?   
The College of Business has compiled a list of individuals willing to act as professional role models, including alumni and others who have served as employers/supervisors for the College’s internship program.

How do I receive a professional role model?
After acceptance into the program, students will visit the Dean’s Office (106 White) to view the catalog of shadowing experiences.  Once selected, the student will receive general information about what they can expect from their shadowing experience.

What is required of a shadow?
Shadows are responsible for contacting their professional role model in order to discuss session details and the following: Directions to the professional role model’s site, parking instructions and lunch instructions (if applicable).
Shadows are to arrange their own transportation to and from the professional role model’s place of employment.
Professional conduct and dress are required (proper attire is available free of charge via The Business Closet).
Shadows are to arrive on time.
Shadows must show interest and be respectful when speaking and listening to individuals encountered during the site visit. Information gained during the experience is confidential.
Ask questions. Research the professional role model’s organization before visiting.
Student cell phones are to be silenced. No texting, phone calls, web surfing, or posting to social media.
The job shadowing experience is not an opportunity to gain employment; rather, this is a career exploratory process.
Students must send a thank-you letter (or email) to their assigned professional role model within one to two days after the shadowing session.
Shadows will be asked to complete an evaluation of their experience.

Will all applicants receive a professional role model?
Unfortunately, the placement of shadows is entirely dependent upon the supply of and demand for professional role models.  Hence, acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement.  Preference is given to those students who have yet to participate in the program.

What do students experience as a job shadow?
This experience provides ample opportunity for the shadow to explore a particular career.   The shadow will likely hear about the professional role model’s education and career, take a tour of the work environment, and experience a typical workday in an area of interest.

What happens if I am unable to attend my site visit?
Student must contact the professional role model and College of Business as soon as possible.   Student must write a letter of apology to the professional role model and provide a copy to the College of Business.

Students, are you interested in becoming a shadow?  Click here for an application, job shadowing student registration fall 19

Business professionals, are you interested in becoming a role model? Click here for an application, job shadowing employer registration fall19

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?
Dr. Kris Guidry, Assistant Dean
Office: 106 White Hall
Phone: 985-448-4170