Code of Student Conduct: Students of the College of Business Administration are expected to act professionally at all times. Click here for the Code of Student Conduct.

CBA Testing Policy:  In an effort to maintain the highest standard of academic integrity in the College of Business, the following testing policy has been adopted.   Faculty and students are given clear expectations regarding their responsibilities and behavior; this ensures all are treated equitably and fairly.

Academic Grievances:  The proper procedure and form for filing grade appeals or grievances related to academic matters is listed in Section 5 of the Code of Student Conduct.

Cheating offenses: Section Five of the Code of Student Conduct, ‘Academic Dishonesty and Disruptive Behavior,’ includes a requirement that faculty file a charge complaint statement with their respective dean whenever a student is confronted or disciplined for cheating.  The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain these records, and any student confronted and/or disciplined for multiple offenses of academic dishonesty will be brought before the Academic Affairs Integrity Committee for further review and potential sanctions.  Please read the Code of Student Conduct for further details regarding this policy.

Continued Learning following an Extreme Emergency: In order to make continued learning possible following an extreme emergency Students are responsible for:

  • reading regular emergency notifications on the NSU website;
  • knowing how to use and access the university designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle);
  • being familiar with emergency guidelines;
  • evacuating textbooks and other course materials;
  • knowing their designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) student login and password;
  • contacting faculty regarding their intentions for completing the course.

Faculty are responsible for:

  • their development in the use of the designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) software;
  • having a plan for continuing their courses using only the designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) and email;
  • continuing their course in whatever way suits the completion of the course best, and being creative in the continuation of these courses;
  • making adjustments or compensations to a student’s progress in special programs with labs, clinical sequences or the like only in the immediate semester following the emergency.

Americans With Disabilities Act:  Students with a documented disability are entitled to classroom accommodations under the ADA.  To receive accommodations, contact the Office of Student Accessibility at (985) 448-4430 or 158-A Shaver Gym.  Additional information can be found here.