Chênière: The Nicholls Undergraduate Humanities Review

Chênière: The Nicholls Undergraduate Humanities Review

Volume II, Issue I (April 2018)

Chênière: a coastal ridge or flood plain;

alternately: an online, undergraduate literary arts journal in the Humanities based at Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana

(Photographs by G. LaFleur)

Student Editor: Anna Babin

Student Editorial Board: Sarah Boquet, Shelby Jackson, Morgan Morris

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Michael S. Martin, Dr. J. Patrick Perkins


Anna Babin, A Society of Excess

Raymund Desentz,Gender Identity and Pronoun Policies: An Implementation Proposal for Nicholls State University

Logan Dougherty, The Wordless Book as a Data Visualization of Religious Narrative

Logan Dougherty, Plainview vs. Dodd: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Rival Roads to Godhood

Rosalyn Stilling,  Drowning in Womanhood: Ophelia’s Death as Submission to the Feminine Element

Erika Verberne, Analyzing Mary Garrard’s “The Allegory of Painting”


James Rodrigue II, Custom Christmas Carol Arrangements as Choral Pedagogical Tools

Jiaxuan Zhu, Dheng Dheng Dho



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