Abigail Wilkinson

Abigail Wilkinson

Abigail Wilkinson is a student at the University of Central Florida, and author of Viewing the History of Japanese and U.S. Relations through Animation.

As a visual arts major, Abigail is deeply familiar with the power of images. Her studies have provided her with the opportunity to explore some of her favorite subjects, including the history of animated films. Belonging to the UCF chapter of the Women in Animation organization, she hopes to see the world of animation diversify and gain recognition as the valuable art form she believes it to be.

Outside of her schoolwork, Abigail is a freelance digital designer and aspiring writer. Her goal is to find work that allows her to combine both of these skill sets. Her love of graphic novels and manga has prompted her to try her hand at creating a comic herself. She currently resides in Melbourne, Florida with her family.


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