Zoe Cancienne

Z. Cancienne, graduate from Nicholls State University, has the tendency to write down and expand upon analytical thoughts about films and T.V. shows that she watches. Although this is not something she does in any professional capacity, Z has a minor in Film Studies as a part of her bachelor’s degree, has written several film analysis essays, and has won first place consecutively for two of Nicholls’ Humanities Symposium for her filmic-based analysis papers, one of those papers being Anthony Bourdain: How a Culture is Viewed. Currently, Z is just taking life one day at a time and seeing where it leads her, but she is also working multiple days a week with shelves and shelves of various books and movies. However, any chance she gets, she is constantly partaking in the hobbies she is passionate about including – but not limited to – talking about and analyzing films and shows.


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