The College of Arts and Sciences provides every student with a core body of knowledge and the skills for lifelong learning fundamental to a university education. The college offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to majors within its various programs of study. In addition, through research and creative work, service and teaching, the faculty contributes to the advancement of knowledge.


The college is the academic cornerstone of the university, offering a majority of the General Education Requirement courses as well as undergraduate degrees in mathematics, sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The college also offers graduate programs in biology and mathematics. In all courses and programs, the college nurtures students in a continuous sequence of advising and instruction.

The college maintains an outstanding faculty who shapes its teaching, research and creative work, and service in order to be:

  • caring mentors and positive role models for students;
  • motivated to learn, disseminate research and implement innovations in the classroom; and
  • generous with time, talent and resources to support the academic and economic development of the region, state and global communities.



The primary student learning goals of the college are to:

  • provide a challenging and supportive environment that allows for the development of students’ innate talents and creativity;
  • bring students to a comprehensive understanding of their chosen major discipline;
  • help students develop an appreciation and respect for diversity.